Activists Are Pushing For Heat Safety Laws, Citing Summer Heat

Activists Are Pushing For Heat Safety Laws, Citing Summer Heat

Activists are pushing for heat safety laws this Summer. We are entering some of the hottest months that Florida sees on an annual basis, Summer. Due to the blistering Summer heat, a social organization is rallying for change when it comes to heat safety protections for outdoor workers.

Jeannie Economos from the Farmworkers Association of Florida said the organization has made multiple attempts at passing laws, on the state level, to require heat safety measures for outdoor workers.

“That’s what we’re fighting for, is the will to make the change, to give dignity, respect, and safety to the workers, the outdoor workers of the state of Florida,” Economos told local sources.

Some of these precautions include a required annual training on different heat illnesses, making sure that cold drinking water is available to all employees, and that outdoor workers have access to shade. Their most recent attempt was during this past legislative meeting.

The Organization Has Made Multiple Attempts To Change Laws

“This is the fourth time we’ve tried, and we just don’t understand how anybody can possibly think that it’s OK for these workers to be doing this work while the rest of us are in our air-conditioned offices or homes or buildings,” Economos told local sources. “And these people are out there doing the essential work that all of us need.”

A local meteorologist has said that humidity plays a big role in what makes the hot weather so dangerous. Heat safety laws could help mitigate these dangers.

“The way your body cools yourself is by sweating,” Kegges stated. “And when there’s a lot of extra moisture in the air, the humidity, it becomes harder for your body to cool itself. And when you have these very, very humid days like this, and especially as we go deeper into summer, that’s where it becomes so, so dangerous. It’s hot, but it’s the humidity that’s really going to get you.”

Florida Reached Blistering Temps Regularly

According to other statements made by Kegges, it doesn’t take long for Florida to reach blistering temperatures on a daily basis.

“When the humidity is cranked up like it’s been over these past few days like it is a lot of times during the summer, it’s already feeling more like the mid to upper 90s even at 8:00 am or 9:00 am” Kegges told local sources.

What’s The Takeaway From This

Why are activists pushing for heat safety laws? It is easy for us to become ill or reach life-threatening situations, in the Florida heat, without realizing it. Even people who are born and bred Floridians, and claim to be used to this sort of heat, are quickly finding out that there’s something different about the weather this summer. Be sure to dress appropriately, apply sunscreen, take breaks, utilize shade, and most importantly, drink plenty or water and remain hydrated this summer.

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