A Florida Taco Chain Is Teaming Up With Wildlife Officials To Feed The Manatees

A Florida Taco Chain Is Teaming Up With Wildlife Officials To Feed The Manatees

Capital Tacos is the taco chain based in Florida which is helping feed the manatees. They will do this by teaming up with wildlife officials. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Capital Tacos will provide lettuce to our Florida Manatees through the Winter, whenever a salad is purchased at one of their locations.

Thankfully, 2022 was not as deadly a time for Florida Manatees as 2021 turned out to be. Local researchers say that the manatee population is still in trouble. This is particularly true for the Indian River area. Scientists have said that they expect the manatee population is expected to grow throughout the Winter, especially in Central Florida. Capital Taco’s mission to feed the manatees will help facilitate population stability. If you purchase a salad from Capital Tacos throughout the month of January, you will be directly responsible for helping feed our wonderful creatures.

Capital Tacos Will Help Feed The Manatees Throughout January 2023

Capital Tacos opened a new location in Winter Park, Florida back in November of 2022. The restaurant chain describes itself as ‘Tex Mex done right’. Their menu focus’ on burritos, nachos, quesadillas and, obviously, tacos. They also serve up sides like fries, queso bits and Mexican street corn.

Winter is the hardest time for manatees. They attempt to stay warm and forage for food. Unfortunately, food is scarce this time of year which causes many manatees to starve. This is why it is so impactful that Capital Tacos is helping to feed the manatees. In 2021 a record was set for manatee deaths. Most of the deaths were in the Indian River Lagoon. This was spurred by a lack of sea grass. Follow Capital Taco’s on social media by clicking the buttons below. 

If We Do Not Feed The Manatees, Many Will Not Survive

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has recent date which shows that 783+ manatees died in Florida in 2022. That’s compared to 1,080 in 2021 during the same scope of time. The co-founder of Capital Tacos’ co-founder has said that the company is kicking off its “Salad for Salad” initiative, which is aimed at raising awareness for these wonderful creatures.

Fish And Wildlife Commission Captain said that the Field Response Station and Unified Command, which is housed at Florida Power and Light’s Clean Energy Center in Cape Canaveral, is up and running for the Winter season of 2022 – 2023.

Officials said there are currently 79 Florida manatees in care facilities throughout multiple states and Puerto Rico. Wildlife officials believe these manatees are in a good place and believe that critical care spaces are well equipped to house manatees.

Can I Feed The Manatees?

Unfortunately, not. You must remember that feeding wild manatees requires a special permit. If anyone is caught feeding the manatees without the proper license, they could face serious consequences. Do you need to report a sick, injured, or tagged manatee? Call the Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Wildlife Alert toll-free number at 1-888-404-FWCC and press 7 to speak with an operator. If you’re using your cell phone you can dial *FWC or #FWC.

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