A Developer In Orlando Is Lining Up $2.5 Billion Project Near Space Coast

A Developer In Orlando Is Lining Up $2.5 Billion Project Near Space Coast

A developer in Orlando is lining up a $2.5 Billion project near the Space Coast. A local developer is risking it big on the Space Coast with a new multiple-use project that could surpass $2.5 billion in value once completed.

Dix Developments, based out of Lake Mary has a 1000+ acre site under contract to purchase for an unknown price in Palm Bay. There, Dix Developments has plans to build Ashton Park. Ashton Park boasts about 3,700 single-family homes, 800 apartments, and about 6 million square feet of designated commercial spaces. About 25% of which will be a 49-acre downtown area, Dix Developments CEO James Dicks told local sources.

Why Does This Space Coast Project Matter

Ashton Park denotes a considerable investment, and the project will create opportunities for contractors, vendors, and construction workers. Furthermore, the town center section will house new businesses, adding jobs, while the plethora of new homes will add to the inventory in the fast-growing Space Coast region.

CEO James Dicks told local sources that he is “a huge fan of the Space Coast” and is tempted by the massive growth in the southern region of Brevard County. “We really wanted to bring a destination community with a mixed-use town center there, so that people who live there are going to be staying there.”

Ashton Park’s name holds a deeper meaning, Dicks told local sources: It is named for Ashton Langford Jane, who was killed in an accident in June of 2022 while crossing U.S. Highway 17-92 in Maitland. Ashton was the nephew of a local land expert Brian Dalrymple. Dicks and Dalrymple have worked on many projects together.

Ashton Park Deems Pedestrian Safety A High Priority

The project’s goal is to have approval for permits by this time next year (2024). The team behind the project is also looking for qualified partners to assist in specific components of the project. This does include the two multi-family sites.  

It’s possible that Ashton Park may house a new K-8 school for Brevard County, according to plans. Also, a couple of acres will be set aside for an equestrian section, Dicks told local sources, allowing horseback riding and more.

Palm Bay Stands To Benefit Greatly

Palm Bay, similar to other Space Coast communities, stands to benefit greatly from wealthy newcomers. In fact, an analysis conducted by local sources on data received from the U.S. Census Bureau and the IRS for the 2019 and 2020 tax years showed the average adjusted gross income for incoming Brevard County residents was $79,649.

“It’s not just selling the future — it’s here,” previously said Holly Carver of Titusville-based Rocket City Commercial, who isn’t involved in Ashton Park. “The high-wage earners moving in are creating the need for more neighborhood services, housing, and medical uses.”

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