Summer Sipping To Save Nora’s Sugar Shack This Weekend

Summer Sipping To Save Nora’s Sugar Shack This Weekend

Nora’s Sugar Shack, the quirky and beloved bar on Virginia Drive, is hosting a crucial fundraiser tomorrow to ensure its survival. The event, dubbed “Summer Sipping to Save Nora’s,” promises an evening filled with drinks, food, and live entertainment.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 22, starting at 8 p.m., Nora’s Sugar Shack will open its doors for this special event. For a $100 donation, guests can enjoy unlimited beer, wine, and various spirits, along with a food ticket and cigars. The night will also feature live music, art, and local vendors, capturing the unique essence of Nora’s.

The urgency of this event arises from the need to purchase the building that houses Nora’s. The owners have until the end of June to raise the necessary funds for a down payment. Without this support, the beloved bar risks being replaced by something far less unique. The community is being asked to come together and save this iconic spot.

How To Support Nora’s Sugar Shack

By attending the “Summer Sipping to Save Nora’s” event, you can help secure the future of Nora’s Sugar Shack. Your $100 donation will directly contribute to the down payment needed for the building. In return, you’ll enjoy a night of unlimited drinks, delicious food, and great entertainment. It’s a fantastic way to support a local treasure while having a memorable evening.

The event will be held at Nora’s Sugar Shack, located at 636 Virginia Drive. For more details and updates, visit their Facebook page HERE. This is a great opportunity to make a difference and help preserve a beloved community fixture.

Don’t miss out on this chance to support Nora’s Sugar Shack and enjoy an unforgettable night. Join the “Summer Sipping to Save Nora’s” event this Saturday and help save a local gem. Your participation is crucial in keeping Nora’s Sugar Shack open for many more years to come.

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