UniGirl, Orlando’s First Onigiri Shop, Opens This Summer At Mills Market

UniGirl, Orlando’s First Onigiri Shop, Opens This Summer At Mills Market

UniGirl, Orlando’s first onigiri shop, is set to open this summer inside the newly revamped Mills Market on Colonial Drive. This exciting new addition will be accompanied by a refreshed Bánh Mì Boy, a Japanese whisky bar, a chef incubator, and various retail vendors.

Introducing UniGirl At Mills Market

UniGirl will offer onigiri, the popular Japanese nori-wrapped rice balls filled with a variety of delicious ingredients. Despite the rise of temaki bars and omakase houses in Orlando, onigiri shops have been noticeably absent—until now.

UniGirl will be a dedicated stall in the reimagined Mills Market, formerly known as Tien Hung Market. This innovative concept is spearheaded by William Shen, the chef-partner of Mills Market noodle joint Zaru and the creative force behind Baldwin Park’s Sorekara. The name “UniGirl” is inspired by Shen’s pet shiba inu, Uni, who serves as the brand’s adorable mascot. “It’s her world,” Shen affectionately states, “We’re just living in it.”

Guests at UniGirl can look forward to freshly made onigiri, featuring fillings such as ume shiso (pickled plum), tuna mayo, and mentaiko (spicy cod roe). Shen will also introduce unique creations like edamame goma with shiitake mushroom and sesame, and the luxurious Uni’s Unigiri, featuring Hokkaido sea urchin and marinated salmon roe. Additionally, snacks and beverages inspired by Japanese konbini convenience stores will be available.

A New Era For Mills Market

Alongside the debut of UniGirl, Bánh Mì Boy, a staple of the former Tien Hung Market, will undergo a transformation. The revamped Bánh Mì Boy will feature dine-in seating, delivery options, and new menu items, including a “pho” French dip, Viet-Cajun oyster po’boys, Saigon beer-battered crispy fish with chili jam, and a breakfast bánh mì.

The renovation of the 10,000-square-foot Mills Market is overseen by James Beard Award-nominated restaurateurs Johnny and Jimmy Tung. Following UniGirl’s opening, the third phase of the project will introduce a Japanese whisky bar later this year. Phase four, set for late 2025, will include a chef incubation program, retail vendors, and additional food vendors.

Onigiri at UniGirl

The Tung brothers aim to preserve the charm of the original Tien Hung Market while infusing it with unique elements from their travels in Asia. “We want this to be a true market, not just another food hall,” says Johnny Tung. “Mills Market is an important legacy project for me because of Tien Hung’s impact on Mills 50 over the past 30 years. My wife grew up in this market, and my hope is that our kids will do the same.”

With UniGirl leading the charge, Mills Market is set to become a vibrant culinary and cultural hub, celebrating both tradition and innovation.

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