Sugoi Expo Orlando 2022

SUGOI EXPO is a new Anime, Cosplay, and Japanese Pop Culture convention! Sugoi Expo is a limited-attendance event, focused on getting you involved in the show. It’s all about hanging… Continue reading Sugoi Expo Orlando 2022

Villicon Orlando 2022

Villicon Orlando 2022 presents Dreams vs Nightmares is a multi-genre Cosplay convention located at the Doubletree Universal Orlando and will take place on Jan 21-23 2022. Get your tickets today… Continue reading Villicon Orlando 2022

Star Con Orlando 2021

Star Con is a new kind of con experience, a celebration for the fans. It’s about community, and coming together for shared experiences and social events. It’s about cosplay and… Continue reading Star Con Orlando 2021

A Highlight of Megacon Orlando 2019

Enter MEGACON Orlando – the South East’s largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event. There were plenty of attractions, guests, vendors, games, and celebrities that made an appearance. There is a… Continue reading A Highlight of Megacon Orlando 2019