Orlando To Install Speed Cameras In School Zones To Fight Speeding

Orlando To Install Speed Cameras In School Zones To Fight Speeding

Last week, the Orlando City Council approved a proposal from city staff to install speed cameras at an estimated 23 schools to combat speeding in school zones across the city. This initiative aims to enhance safety for students by curbing reckless driving behavior in these areas.

Once the speed cameras are installed, any driver caught speeding 10 mph over the posted limit will receive a $100 fine, supported by video evidence. If the program proves successful, the City of Orlando hopes to expand it with an additional 60 cameras.

The first speed cameras are expected to be installed in 2025, following the approval of a vendor by the city. During the initial 30 days of the program, offenders caught speeding in these zones will receive written warnings. After this grace period, fines will be issued to violators.

Orlando Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras to be Installed in Various Schools

Schools that will receive speed cameras include Audubon Park K08, Blankner School, Boone, College Park, Dover Shores, Eagle’s Nest, Eccleston, Engelwood, Innovation, Lake Como School, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Lake Silver, Laureate Park, Metrowest, Millennia Gardens, Odyssey, Princeton, Roberto Clemente, Rock Lake, Sun Blaze, Vista Lakes, Vista Pointe, and Westpointe.

Last year, the State of Florida passed a law allowing municipalities to enforce school zone speed limits using special speed detection cameras. This new law paved the way for Orlando’s current initiative to install speed cameras in school zones.

The introduction of speed cameras in school zones is expected to significantly reduce the incidence of speeding, thereby creating a safer environment for students. Speeding in school zones poses a serious threat to the safety of children, and this measure is a proactive step towards mitigating that risk.

By installing speed cameras, Orlando is taking a strong stance against speeding in school zones. This initiative underscores the city’s commitment to protecting its youngest residents and ensuring that school zones are safe spaces for students to travel to and from school. The hope is that the presence of speed cameras will deter drivers from speeding, ultimately leading to safer roads for everyone.

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