Everything You Need To Know About Disney World’s New Lightning Lane Line-Skipping Pass

Everything You Need To Know About Disney World’s New Lightning Lane Line-Skipping Pass

Exciting and long-awaited changes are arriving at Disney World’s skip-the-line system with the introduction of the Lightning Lane line-skipping pass. This update is being welcomed by fans, reminiscent of the old FastPass program—though with some modern tweaks.

The Transition from Genie Plus To Lightning Lane

Starting July 24, Genie Plus will transform into the Lightning Lane Multi Pass, with individual line-skipping passes named Lightning Lane Single Pass. This update is designed to streamline planning your park visit, featuring significant improvements.

Understanding The Lightning Lane Multi Pass

The Lightning Lane Multi Pass allows you to pre-select up to three ride passes per theme park visit and choose from available time slots. After using a pass in the park, you can select another ride pass through the My Disney Experience app. This pass also lets you book for multiple days simultaneously. As with Genie Plus, Multi Pass includes complimentary photo downloads from your rides.

How The Lightning Lane Single Pass Works

The Lightning Lane Single Pass functions much like the current system but adds the ability to plan and purchase these passes in advance, enhancing the convenience of your visit.

Advance Booking For Lightning Lane Passes

Guests staying at Disney resort hotels can book their passes up to seven days ahead for their entire stay, up to a maximum of 14 days. Annual passholders and day guests can secure their passes up to three days in advance. This early booking option offers greater flexibility and reduces the need for last-minute planning.

How To Purchase Your Lightning Lane Line-Skipping Pass

You can buy the Multi Pass, Single Pass, or both through the My Disney Experience app. The app is being updated to reduce the steps involved and provide quicker options, such as purchasing both passes in a single transaction.

“Lightning Lane line-skipping pass will combine elements of our current services with the former FastPass+ system, offering guests the flexibility to plan ahead and eliminating the stress of on-the-spot arrangements,” Disney announced.

With the new Lightning Lane line-skipping pass, Disney World aims to make your visit more enjoyable by providing enhanced flexibility and convenience. Prepare to experience shorter wait times and more magic on your next trip!

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