Creative City Project Kicks Off First Public Art Sculpture In Downtown Pop-Up Park

Creative City Project Kicks Off First Public Art Sculpture In Downtown Pop-Up Park

Creative City Project is thrilled to announce its latest initiative: the first of numerous public art sculptures in downtown Orlando, a project commissioned by the Downtown Development Board (DDB). This effort aims to transform the downtown area with a series of vibrant art installations, ranging from street musicians to large-scale sculptures.

The Creative City Project has started constructing an abstract wooden archway at Pine Street and Orange Avenue. This project marks the beginning of a dynamic initiative to enrich the urban landscape with engaging and colorful public art. The structure, designed by SKIP of A Pivotal Character Artworks, will be painted in vibrant colors and adorned with massive flower sculptures by Ha’ani Hogan, PhD.

Creative City Project Enhances Downtown Orlando

The DDB envisions downtown Orlando as a cultural hotspot with a continuous array of art installations that foster community interaction. The Creative City Project’s inaugural piece, titled “No Place Like Home,” epitomizes this vision. Once completed, this towering structure will stand 20 feet tall and 40 feet wide, serving as a striking landmark for both residents and visitors.

Creative City Project aims to make downtown Orlando a hub of artistic expression. These installations are expected to attract a diverse audience, promote community engagement, and boost local tourism.

Creative City Project Orlando

Excitement Grows For Creative City Project’s New Installation

Residents and visitors can look forward to the unveiling of “No Place Like Home” in time for the Third Thursday Art Walk. This event will provide the perfect setting for showcasing Creative City Project’s first major public art installation. The piece promises to be a highlight of the Art Walk, drawing attention to the vibrant creativity now infusing downtown Orlando.

Over the next few months, Creative City Project will introduce more public artworks, each designed to captivate and inspire. Stay tuned for updates as this exciting project continues to unfold, bringing new life and color to the heart of the city. Creative City Project is poised to redefine downtown Orlando as a lively, artistic, and engaging community space.

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