Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts To Revitalize Former Winter Park Library

Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts To Revitalize Former Winter Park Library

Blue Bamboo
has secured a significant triumph with the Winter Park City Commission voting four-to-one to approve their proposal to transform the former Winter Park Library into a dynamic performing arts center.

The innovative project, led by Blue Bamboo founder Chris Cortez and Board Chairman Jeff Flowers, will revitalize the library building, vacant since 2021, and turn it into a hub for their non-profit organization. This new center will also accommodate Central Florida Vocal Arts, Performing Arts Matters, and the Winter Park Chamber Music Academy.

In an unexpected turn, Blue Bamboo surpassed Winter Park’s prestigious Rollins College, which had plans to use the site for a new art museum. This decision underscores the community’s support for Blue Bamboo’s ambitious plans.

Blue Bamboo’s Exciting New Home

The third floor of the building is designated as a flexible space for other charitable groups and events. The bottom floor will feature a performance area, while the upper floors will house educational facilities, recording studios, offices, and art galleries, creating a comprehensive arts environment.

After losing their Winter Park warehouse, Blue Bamboo had been hosting events at various local venues like Casa Feliz and the Woman’s Club of Winter Park. They previously announced a move to The Packing District, but those plans fell through. This new development signifies a stable future for the organization.

A Bright Future For The Arts In Winter Park

The proposed 40-year lease, starting at $132,000 annually with a 2% increase every five years, ensures a long-term dedication to enhancing the arts in Winter Park. Blue Bamboo’s new location in the historic library building promises to enrich the cultural fabric of the community by providing diverse artistic and educational opportunities.

Transforming the former Winter Park Library into the Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts signifies more than a new location; it marks a renewed commitment to the arts and community engagement. This exciting development heralds a vibrant future for Winter Park’s arts scene, nurturing creativity and talent for years to come.

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