The Jazz Orchestra at Dr. Phillips Center Let Freedom Ring Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement

Park Ave Magazine | Winter Park Florida
Part of our one-of-a-kind Frontyard Festival™—six months of socially distant, live entertainment and unique experiences, including dinner and drinks delivered to your box from on-site restaurants.
The man. The music. The movement. A Martin Luther King Day celebration.
We invite you to enjoy a beautifully memorable evening with the 17-member Jazz Orchestra at Dr. Phillips Center and two spoken word artists—performing iconic works that surrounded Dr. Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement.
Featuring music by Marvin Gaye, Charlie Bird Parker and Nina Simone, this under-the-open-sky concert is in the perfect setting for a symbolic experience. It’ll be a historic performance to elegantly remind us of the power and beauty of the music, the people and the movement.
The Jazz Orchestra at Dr. Phillips Center is made possible through the generous support of Joyce and Judson Green.