Orlando Photography Group Meetup: All About Aperture!

Park Ave Magazine | Winter Park Florida
Our theme this week is All About Aperture Photography
New photographers get very confused about aperture.
We will be learning hands-on about large and small aperture sizes and how to think about the best aperture for an outcome you would like to achieve.
It’s important to understand the Depth of Field and Aperture. Depth of Field is the amount of your shot that will be in focus. If all of this becomes a little overwhelming for you or you just really want to nail this area of photography. Then this class is for you!
This is a 2-hour meetup outside with learning hands-on.
This meet-up is open to all photographers, whether you’re a complete beginner, or feeling comfortable with using manual settings. We do recommend bringing a camera that has the option of manual mode, or shutter and/or aperture priority modes.
You’ll be under the guidance of professional photographer Andre Mauri, who will be setting challenges throughout, and providing feedback and answers on anything you’re not sure about. It will be a lot of fun and a chance to meet like-minded people to get creative and snap-happy!
The two-hour session is $35 and you can book your spot here:
Please note that the exact meeting point is sent in the booking confirmation email via the website above.